Significant hearing before the Horse Racing Appeal panel scheduled for Friday

March 5, 2018

There is a significant hearing before the Horse Racing Appeal panel this Friday at 9 am at 10 Carlson Court which horse people of Ontario should attend.

The HPAO sought information about WEG by letter of request sent to the Registrar of the AGCO since he has the full power over racing and race tracks. The Registrar replied with a letter turning down that request of the HPAO. The HPAO appealed his refusal to act as requested to the Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP) of the AGCO. Shortly thereafter the lawyer for the AGCO attempted to have the Chair of the Horse Racing Appeal Panel simply disallow the appeal immediately without any hearing suggesting that the Registrar’s refusal was not a decision in fact, but merely an “explanation” and that moreover the Horse Racing Appeal Panel does not have jurisdiction to hear the appeal. The HPAO strongly disagreed and took the position that the appeal should be heard and that an appeal of the decision of the Registrar was within the jurisdiction of the panel.

A hearing as to HRAP jurisdiction (that is the power and legal right to make decisions) has been scheduled for 9am on Friday, March 9, 2018 at 10 Carlson Court.

A strong showing of the importance of this matter to the horse people of Ontario would show significant support for our right to the appeal, and the information about WEG that is sought. Accordingly, the more horse people who attend this hearing this Friday the better, as that will be a clear demonstration of the importance of this issue.

Please make every effort to attend the hearing this Friday at 9am.