OLG Response to December 14, 2017 Letter

January 30, 2018

Mr. James Whelan

Horse Peoples Alliance of Ontario

4646 Dufferin Street, Suite 6

Toronto, Ontario

M3H 5S4


RE: Letter dated December 14, 2017

Dear Mr. Whelan,

Thank you for your letter on behalf of the Horse Peoples Alliance of Ontario. Stephen

Rigby has asked me to respond on behalf of OLG. OLG recognizes the significant

investment and work of the horse people within the horse racing industry. In fact, our

mandate to support the industry; to build capacity for a sustainable future, primarily

focuses on bringing the industry together to ensure all stakeholders are represented and

have influence over critical industry decisions. This is an essential foundation piece for

the Long-Term Funding Agreement that OLG is forming on behalf of the Ontario

government with the horse racing industry in Ontario.

Most of the information you seek is publicly available through the Ontario Racing and

OLG websites. Some examples of the information available include:

A. On the Ontario Racing website, posted within their Transparency and Consultation

section (http://ontarioracing.com/I ndustry/Transparency-and-Consultation .aspx) you

will find:

i) 2015/2016 Funding Disclosures

ii) Wagering Data

iii) The final executed Letter of Intent respecting the Long-Term Funding


iv) Long-Term Funding Agreement Industry Consultatiofls & Final Report

v) 2017-2018 Business Plan ·

B. On OLG's Horse Racing page (http://about.olg.ca/horse-racing-landing/) you will find:

i) The Administration Agreement between OLG and the Ministry of Finance

ii) The Horse Racing Partnership Funding Plan Program Guidelines

iii) PSSDA Salary Disclosure List

iv) Ontario Horse Racing Industry Performance Results

Transfer Payment Agreements ("TPA") are contracts between each race track and the

Minister of Finance and include commercially confidential information. They are not

publicly posted for obvious reasons, however, funding levels are posted in the

aforementioned documents publicly available on OLG's Horse Racing page.

OLG is leading the negotiations with the industry to create the Long-Term Funding

Agreement that is intended to create confidence for the industry and allow for investment

and breeding decisions into the future. I encourage you to participate in discussions on

this proposed agreement.


Cal Bricker, PhD

Senior Vice President, Horse Racing