The Horse Peoples' Alliance of Ontario was formed by a group of horsemen from the Quarter Horse, Standardbred and Thoroughbred industries to establish a unified voice for the horse people of Ontario.

The Horse Peoples’ Alliance of Ontario has been established with the simple and single objective to exclusively represent and advocate for the betterment of horse people of all breeds with both racetracks and government. 


  • Inform the Government of Ontario as to the real industry facts from the perspective of horse people as to the difficulties and uncertainties under which they work;
  • Ensure that the Government fulfills its obligations toward funding transparency and accountability within the industry;
  • Empower horse people to be recognized as an essential and necessary element for horse racing equal to the racetracks;
  • Secure a position of equal importance with the race track in the decisions as to the nature and conditions of racing;
  • Return to a balanced and fair sharing of the revenues generated or provided to allow for the growth of the Ontario horse population and the incentives to breed, own and train racehorses as once existed.


The Alliance believes that a significant number of horse people of all breeds feel that despite being the producers of the horse racing product, their concerns about racing conditions and breeding have little importance and less impact.

Accordingly, while the existing organizations need to remain in place providing their services for their particular constituency, there needs to be one entity that stands as the recognized advocate and representative of the entire constituency of horse people in Ontario, irrespective of breed, job function or title within the breeds.

Government involvement for the necessary investment of significant funding for sustainability of the industry and its potential for growth is wholly contingent on the depth and breadth of knowledge that the government has about the racing Industry, and that knowledge depends on where it comes from and who provides it. Knowing the truth about the real financial conditions in racing for all parties, the real effects on the horse people and their ability to participate and to compete fairly, together with the accountability as to the use of such funding, and the factual impact of the allocation thereof must be provided to the Government in a fact based manner, bluntly and directly to achieve real results.

With an alliance of all horse people, their collective strength will provide an effective voice in the future of their industry, and the power to confront the perceived unfair imbalance that currently exists between racetracks and participants.

Only then will there be the appropriate and equal partnership of racetrack, horse people and government / regulator from which industry growth can and will follow.

All that is required is strength of purpose and the desire for real representation.